Third party Inspection, QA/QC

Companies that purchase or manufacture abroad often face major challenges. Will the merchandise be produced on time and in the corresponding quality? Will product shipments be on schedule and complete? Will the delivery be properly packed and loaded?

As a partner in delivery management, TÜV AUSTRIA provides clear answers to all of these questions. Regardless of the country you do business in, your business is in safe hands with our comprehensive inspection and procurement services. The experts of TÜV AUSTRIA cover the entire technical field: from machine and pressure equipment technology, electrical engineering and electronics, to the automotive industry.

With a global network of highly qualified specialists, we reliably overcome geographical and cultural barriers – as well as those due to regulatory differences..

For instance, if you want to do business with China, TÜV AUSTRIA Shanghai will support you. Highly educated international and Chinese experts who are constantly receiving state-of-the-art training are on-site and at your side.


Purchasing Goods – from Selection to Delivery

It is not only important for goods produced abroad to correspond to what you have in mind. They also need to satisfy certain quality and safety standards. It is particularly in this area that we can give you comprehensive support.

Specialist expertise with technical plants.

Even before you order, we can inspect a sample. In this way we can ensure that the product fulfils the corresponding regulations and meets your quality and safety standards.
Naturally, we will inform you of any necessary or recommended changes.
During manufacturing, we take random samples in order to verify that they comply with the order.
Moreover, we check to see that deadlines are kept. Before the shipment, we not only take random samples to make sure that the goods being shipped correspond to the order, but we also perform counterchecks in our laboratories to inspect goods that have already been delivered.

Manufacturing Monitoring – Safety down to the Last Detail

For example, if you want to have equipment built in Far East Asia, you can utterly rely on our monitoring service. We examine the qualifications of the manufacturing personnel and locations. We monitor how the work is executed, how intermediate testing and acceptance testing is conducted and the extent to which deadline arrangements are adhered to as well. Upon request, TÜV experts also perform approval tests on the personnel and – as a “notified body” – render services for importing into the European Union.

Shipment Supervision

Do all of the ordered goods arrive, and has the order been accordingly packed and loaded for shipment properly? Or do you require a pre-shipment inspection within the context of a letter of credit? TÜV AUSTRIA runs these checks for you.

Active Deadline Monitoring at the Supplier’s

Delays in the delivery of materials, products or instrumentation can be extremely costly. It is especially important with major procurement processes to minimize the risk of such delays. You are playing it safe with TÜV AUSTRIA’s qualified procurement managers. We take on the task of active monitoring and, if necessary, support the supplier in delivery management. It is our goal to simplify the process. In doing so, we speed up the delivery process of those products that could prevent the ordering schedule from being kept.

Acceptance Testing and Supplier Monitoring

Do you need specialists to supervise inspections and tests, appraise special processes or verify measurements and test results? Are you looking for someone who evaluates manufacturing processes and reports on delivery progress?
TÜV AUSTRIA is the partner for you!
We can send qualified inspectors and technical specialists to the supplier locations without delay – for both short-term and long-term assignment. Our employees are based close by to large industrial suppliers all around the world. Not only do you profit from cost-effective support in this way, but also from local knowledge and communication skills.

Supplier Audit and Testing – Evaluating Standards

The audit services of TÜV AUSTRIA offer an independent supplier evaluation. Certified auditors are evaluating the production or management systems of a company in light of national or international standards. The scope of testing and evaluation is oriented to your requirements.
Normally, the focus is on certain products, processes, systems or even resources of the supplier. This includes the fields of production, quality management, environmental management as well as health and safety. .

270 x safety. Around the world.

TÜV AUSTRIA – your reliable partner in all matters of technical monitoring, testing and certifying.