Destructive and non-destructive testing of materials (NDT)

Modern materials and their continuous evolution have led to the birth of a competitive industrial production. The market demands increasingly complex products to be used in increasingly demanding applications. Even the most advanced production plant will not achieve a satisfactory result if the materials employed do not meet the requirement of the market. As a result, the know-how of the company together with certified quality management systems and the use of high skilled and trained staff play a key role. Testing the quality of materials is for the benefit of our customers' safety.

By choosing TÜV AUSTRIA Italia
the customer can be sure that: :

  • The destructive and non-destructive testing is carried out by a trained and certified staff according to the standard EN 473..
  • The competence of TÜV AUSTRIA Italia as a certification body is guaranteed by the accreditation of the Austrian republic. This accreditation is constantly monitored by the Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth.
  • TÜV AUSTRIA Italia has the most modern technical inspection equipment.
  • TÜV AUSTRIA Italia can be on-site in the shortest time thanks to its worldwide presence.
  • TÜV AUSTRIA Italia has teams of experts in many fields.
  • The test reports and expertise of TÜV AUSTRIA Italia are acknowledged internationally.
  • Down-times are reduced and costs cut, thanks to the most modern testing methods such as Acoustic Emission Testing, precise planning and punctuality of inspections.
  • TÜV AUSTRIA Italia experts can develop and propose tailored solutions even for the most complex testing issues.
  • TÜV AUSTRIA is at the service of its customers with the competence and expertise gained in over 140 years of activity.

TÜV AUSTRIA Italia operates at present in the following inspection procedures:

  • Development of inspection plans on customers’ requests.
  • Development and use of pipes monitoring devices (Intelligent Pig).
  • Magnetoscopic Testing (MT).
  • Penetrant Liquid Testing (PT).
  • Visual Testing (VT).
  • Acoustic Emission Testing (AT).
  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT).
  • Leak test.

Expertise and experience of TÜV AUSTRIA Italia are acknowledged internationally both as for simple tests such as the inspection of a welding point and as for technically more complex services such as the x-ray testing of pipes or the Acoustic Emission Testing of pressure vessels.