What is Acoustic Emission?

Acoustic Emission Testing (AT) is a non-destructive testing and monitoring method to detect and locate hidden defects in LPG tanks and pressure equipment in good time.

Acoustic Emission analysis provides overall information on the physical condition and leakproofness of the tested object. In order to detect and locate possible defects and leakages in the tested structure, AT applies a classical physical principle that is used to the industry’s advantage by means of state-of-the-art data reception and processing systems.

When a component is stressed, the built-up state of stress spontaneously discharges at a leak, thereby generating sound impulses.


The energy thus discharged is received by sensors applied on the surface of the tested object.

The signals are received at different times by different sensors. By measuring these differences in time, the sound source can be located. One of the major advantage of AT is the possibility to test pressure equipment during plant operation or during downtimes caused by leaks, corrosions or defects of the material.

The reliability of the information obtained through AE on the structural integrity of the tested object is greater than that of more conventional testing methods.



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