AE Testing of underground tanks (LPG and derivatives)

The testing activity is governed by the Ministerial Decree dated January 1st, 2005.

For the execution of the AE testing, TÜV AUSTRIA Italia – Blu Solutions operates as provided by the exclusive agreement with the competent body I.C.E.P.I.: Istituto Certificazione Europea Prodotti Industriali. I.C.E.P.I. S.p.A., partner of TÜV AUSTRIA Group, is an independent third-party body, notified by the Ministry of Economic Development and listed in the group of the EC Notified Bodies (No. 0066) to certify products and carry out inspections.


Acoustic Emission analysis provides overall information on the physical condition and leakproofness of the tested object. In order to detect and locate possible defects and leakages in the tested structure, AT applies a classical physical principle that is used to the industry’s advantage by means of state-of-the-art data reception and processing systems.

TÜV AUSTRIA Italia - Blu Solutions is a reliable and professional partner in particular for the testing of LPG vessels up to 13 mc: it has a network of skilled technicians and an organization focused on customer needs, using the largest Italian fleet of mobile laboratories purposely equipped.

Customer lists and contacts are handled by TÜV AUSTRIA Italia - Blu Solutions with the utmost confidentiality and for the sole purpose of testing.



and competence


Efficient planning team and
widespread presence throughout Italy



TÜV AUSTRIA Italia - Blu Solutions offers turnkey services and provides its customers with constant assistance: from the preparation and monitoring of lists to the testing of tanks, from the statistical analysis of results to the certification of homogeneous lots.

TÜV AUSTRIA Italia – Blu Solutions means experience and expertise, efficiency and optimization. Its widespread presence throughout the nation is ensured by an expert planning team.