AE Testing of tanks supplying gas to industries

LPG is widely used in industries (for the heating of ovens in the brick industry, in the glass, ceramic, metallurgical and food industry) and in agriculture (for greenhouse cultivations, floriculture, drying of agricultural products, heating of farms and production of dairy products).

In these cases, LPG is essential for the company activity to run smoothly. The integrity testing of LPG tanks - based on the conventional methods envisaged by Ministerial Decree No. 329/04 - involves the emptying, remediation and inerting of tanks before anybody can have free access inside.

This, however, means long down-times, disposal of water after remediation and the presence of technicians inside the tanks that, in case of emergency, are not easily reachable.

The interruption of the activity due to absence of LPG can seriously affect the productivity of plants.

For this purpose, TÜV AUSTRIA Italia - Blu Solutions srl offers the execution of a test – recognized for the purposes of law – which is based on the Acoustic Emission method in accordance with the technical standard UNI EN 12819:2010. The execution of the test in one day with no need of removing the product from the tank, reduces down-times and proves to be a cost-saving solution.