AE Testing of storage tanks (LPG and derivatives)

The distribution of LPG and derivatives is focused on the storage of the product at medium – large sites serving the gas piping systems.

At such gas deposits are usually installed above ground tanks insulated with fire-proofing coating material and/or buried/underground/concrete box vessels.


The integrity testing using conventional methods (internal and external visual inspection, thickness test, etc.), is not always possible since it involves putting out of service, emptying and remediating the vessels, removing the coating material (if above ground) and, possibly, digging out the tanks.

This, however, means long down-times, disposal of water after remediation and the presence of technicians inside the tanks that, in case of emergency, are not easily reachable.

For this purpose, TÜV AUSTRIA Italia - Blu Solutions offers an innovative procedure for the predisposition of these vessels – especially buried one – to test them using Acoustic Emission also in case of vessels having a diameter up to 9 m. The test – carried out in accordance with the technical standard UNI EN 12819:2010 – is recognized for the purposes of law as an alternative to the conventional test.