AE Testing of buried LPG tanks


Since 1998, at petrochemical plants, buried cylindrical tanks have been used as an alternative to large spherical storage tanks.

These tanks are usually of very large capacity – between 100 and 4000 mc with diameter in the range 5 – 9 m.

As is for the spheres, the integrity testing with conventional methods needs an inspection from inside by setting up scaffolding to carry out thickness test, visual inspection and any other inspection in smaller sized areas.

This, however, does not include the whole surface of the tank, it means long down-times, disposal of water after remediation and the presence of technicians inside the tanks that, in case of emergency, are not easily reachable.

For this purposes, TÜV AUSTRIA Italia - Blu Solutions offers an innovative procedure for the Acoustic Emission Testing of big buried tanks that consists of the installation of access to the tank shell at greater depth and using last generation equipment, also in case of tanks having a diameter of more than 5 m.

Customer benefits: more safety at lower testing costs.