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Blu Solutions started in 2004 thanks to the idea of Mr. Poillucci to test buried LPG tanks, through Acoustic Emission (AE): an innovative, non-destructive and cost-saving technology.

Thanks to the investment and technological contribution of Loccioni Group – an international company headquartered in Italy, leader in the field of measurement and industrial automation - Blu Solutions achieved success testing buried LPG tanks up to 13 mc, through Acoustic Emission.

For the execution of the AE testing, TÜV AUSTRIA Italia - Blu Solutions operates as provided by the exclusive agreement with the competent body I.C.E.P.I.: Istituto Certificazione Europea Prodotti Industriali. I.C.E.P.I. S.p.A., partner of TÜV AUSTRIA Group, is an independent third-party body, notified by the Ministry of Economic Development and listed in the group of the EC Notified Bodies (No. 0066) to certify products and carry out inspections.

Together with the ISPESL procedure – a specific technique for the execution of tests (Ministerial Decree 07/02/2005) - Blu Solutions took advantage of the precious collaboration of Austria Group international reference in the field of inspections, monitoring and certifications of products and systems and developer of modern technologies based on Acoustic Emission.

In 2011, Austria welcomed in its Group Blu Solutions – as company 100% owned by AUSTRIA HOLDING AG.; this is why the company name was changed to TÜV AUSTRIA Italia – Blu Solutions s.r.l.

Technological innovation, together with high level technical skills and reliability ensured the use of the Acoustic Emission technique also on more complex equipment and systems as LPG tanks over 13 mc in industries, gas stations, spheres, pipelines and storage facilities at petrochemical plants and refineries.

TÜV AUSTRIA Italia - Blu Solutions is a technological partner in various fields of activity, having an innovative soul providing efficient and cost-saving solutions and ensuring the utmost respect for safety and environmental protection.

In December 2017, TÜV AUSTRIA Group acquired the brand and the certification scheme OK COMPOST conceived by Belgian body Vinçotte NV. TÜV AUSTRIA Group has expanded its expertise significantly in the fields of product certification which labels bio-based, biodegradable and compostable products. With the integration of Vinçotte Italy into TÜV AUSTRIA ITALIA, TÜV AUSTRIA Group has expanded its expertise significantly in the fields of food industry as well as rail, nuclear and environmental protection.

Shaping the future

The TÜV AUSTRIA Italia – Blu Solutions team of experts from various specialist fields are competent in all matters concerning technical safety as a result of their experience, education and further training.

TÜV AUSTRIA Italia - Blu Solutions is a leading company in Italy and Europe for the wide range of services and turnkey solutions offered to customers.